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Fulgencio Martínez

Fulgencio MartínezFulgencio Martínez (Granada, Spain, 1975), is a high-quality and comprehensive Cinematographer and Director.

Fulgencio Martínez has a wide range of possibilities covering many genres and audio-visual projects. Whether a film, documentary, music video, advertising or discography and promotional photography, Fulgencio always gets an up close and realistic look, getting involve the viewer.

As a sample, we will highlight some of his works. We will soon including more works and we will have the chance to talk with him to let us know his concerns and his vision about the cinema panorama and its future. For now, and as unequivocal proof of his versatility, we anticipate you that very soon he will be publishing a short stories book (Araña Editorial, Julia de la Rua), which we are looking forward to reading it.

First, we will show you the trailer of his excellent work as a cinematographer on Zohra: A Moroccan Fairytale (2011), movie from the legendary cult British filmmaker Barney Platts-Mills, figure representative of the Free Cinema and Neo-Realist movements in Britain, best known for his award-winning and recognized films Bronco Bullfrog (1970) and Private Road (1971), afterwards which and after an almost 30 years break, he returned to shoot in Morocco this story about life, love and future.

Trailer Zohra from Fulgencio Martinez on Vimeo.

In the following video, you can watch the trailer of the documentary Letcho Gourko – Una canción romaní (2010), about the currently music expression of the diverse groups of European gypsies. Directed and produced by Fulgencio Martínez.

LETCHO GOURKO – Una Canción Romaní from Fulgencio Martinez on Vimeo.

And as a last sample of the talent of the Granaíno, here you have the video recorded for the band Alex Face of the song Hit the Sidewalks (2010, Direction and Photography by Fulgencio Martínez), where he manages to capture all the energy and freshness of the Swedish band forcefully.

ALEX FACE – HIT THE SIDEWALKS from Fulgencio Martinez on Vimeo.

If you’d like to know more about Fulgencio Martínez, have a look on vimeo.com/fulgencio

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