Deep Blues Festival 2013

Deep Blues Festival 2013

Guadalupe Plata at Deep Blues Festival 2013Guadalupe Plata & Walter Daniels at Deep Blues Festival 2013

Guadalupe Plata increasingly enjoy a more forcefully, rapture, hypnotism if it’s preferred, and wilder performance on live, as the old Bluesman made in Mississippi style. There is no doubt at all about the talent of the band, with its ups and downs, but what is clear is that security and forcefully demonstrating in all their concerts at this point, it comes from playing, playing and playing.

Even today many bands, whatever the style, it seem that they do not learn anything and they are just thinking in become “someone” giving four measly concerts, only, where they will be paid what they think is appropriate or they deserve. Which is sobering, to think that probably many bands may not deserve more. Music is a means of entertainment full of feelings and concerns, and as Carlos Jimena (drums and percussion) said, they are dedicated to the craft of music, which can be a job like any other, not forgetting of course, that it must be done and it must come from within oneself to acquire a certain dimension, if this is not achieved, mediocrity, at best, is guaranteed.

For you to check what we are talking about here is the complete performance of Guadalupe Plata with the great Walter Daniels (with whom they recorded an EP (Walter Daniels & Guadalupe Plata, 2012), and about whom we will be talking in more detail soon) at Deep Blues Festival 2013 held in Bayport, Minnesota, USA.

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