Absurd Encounter with Fear

David Lynch: Absurd Encounter with Fear

David Lynch in a printing studio in ParisAbsurd Encounter with Fear (1967), second short film by David Lynch.

It is the second short film from the Missoula, Montana director, filmed in 1967, 2 minutes lasts, in which appears his friend since childhood Jack Fisk, and his first wife, Peggy Reavey.

Jack Fisk is an American movie industry professional, often working as an art director and production designer. He appears in Lynch’s first feature, Eraserhead (1977), as the man in the planet, and he will work with him again as art director and production designer in the movies The Straight Story (1999) and Mulholland Drive (2001).

Absurd Encounter with Fear was filmed in only one scene in the middle of a field or forest, something that can make remember Twin Peaks. Some reviews talk about a “simply” surreal experiment.

We also see the importance of music in Lynch’s work from the beginning, in this case plays a key role by giving all the excitement in the short, horror music, thriller, creepy from the first second to the end, and it manages to create a total tense atmosphere during the two minutes lasts of the short.

It’s like the prelude of his first feature Eraserhead (1977), and his entire subsequent career, where we can already see the unnerving atmosphere that David Lynch liked and how he already mastered. Special interest has also the use of colours such as the blue skin of the protagonist.

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