Neil Young: Dead Man OST Cover

Neil Young: Dead Man (OST)

Neil Young at the StudioNeil Young: Dead Man, OST (Vapor Records, 1995).

When Jim Jarmusch had already edited his new film, Neil Young shut himself in a recording studio (Mason St. Studios, SF, CA with “Le Mobile”), and began to improvise with his guitar while watching the movie images. And so came to a majestic soundtrack, grungy, superior, fitting his music, his guitar, perfectly with the images that passed in front of him, capturing the crude and hostile environment of the old Wild West.

To the grungy guitar sound, the composer added some arrangements using an acoustic guitar, piano and organ, plus some background noises like cars, only included in the soundtrack and not in the movie, as it is set in the 19th century, and they still did not exist.

The soundtrack is entirely instrumental, except for the introduction of some dialog excerpts from the movie, along with some William Blake‘s poems read by Johnny Depp.

One of the most impressive things, aside from the music itself, it is the fact that the genius from Toronto, with over 30 years of experience behind him, sat down and with just a guitar, composed the entire soundtrack for a film. Nothing else to say, just listening.

Track Listing:

1.   “Guitar Solo, No. 1”   5:18

2.   “The Round Stones Beneath the Earth”   3:32

3.   “Guitar Solo, No. 2”   2:03

4.   “Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds”   2:25

5.   “Organ Solo”   1:33

6.   “Do You Know How to Use This Weapon?”   4:25

7.   “Guitar Solo, No. 3”   4:31

8.   “Nobody’s Story”   6:36

9.   “Guitar Solo, No. 4”   4:22

10.   “Stupid White Men…”   8:46

11.   “Guitar Solo, No. 5”   14:41

12.   “Time for You to Leave, William Blake…”   0:51

13.   “Guitar Solo, No. 6”   3:22

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