Twin Peaks OST Cover

Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks (OST)

Cruise & Badalamenti & LynchAngelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks, OST (Warner Bros. Records, 1990).

When Angelo Badalamenti was sitting down in front of his old Fender Rhodes, David Lynch sat down next to him and placed his portable recorder on the piano. While the director was telling him what he saw in his mind, the composer was performing it. The connection was so strong, that quickly it emerged the main melodies and songs from this superb soundtrack. As we said in the article about Bernard Herrmann, not many director-composer collaborations have reached such magnitude.

Lynch wrote the lyrics for four of the songs included in the series and for another four songs included in the movie.

The four songs for the series were, Just You, in which vocals were provided by three protagonists of the series, Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Lara Flynn Boyle, and James Marshall, and Falling, The Nightingale, and Into the Night, for which Julie Cruise was responsible for providing her heavenly voice.

For the film Fire Walk With Me were, Sycamore Trees, performed by jazz singer Jimmy Scott (for those who don’t know him, don’t be fooled by his unusual voice, it’s a man), A Real Indication and The Black Dog Runs at Night, in both songs, Angelo himself participates in the voice along with the band Thought Gang, and Questions in a World of Blue, performed by Julie Cruise.

Julie Cruise, who was already recommended by Badalamenti to Lynch for the movie Blue Velvet in their search for an ethereal voice fallen from heaven, was lucky that both Badalamenti and Lynch, wrote some additional songs for her, most of which were included in her first solo album Floating into the Night in 1989. Some of these songs, as Falling, were also used for the soundtrack of the series. Furthermore, the album has other songs that despite appearing in the series were not included in the soundtrack. The singer also made ​​several brief appearances in some episodes of the series as singer of one of the bars in town, and the subsequent film Fire Walk With Me.

As a curiosity, Julie Cruise replaced sometimes Cindy Wilson, one of the founding members of The B-52’s, for some concerts from 1992 through 2000.

The albums released are three, Twin Peaks (1990), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) and Twin Peaks Music: Season Two Music and More (2007). In addition, in 2011 Lynch put on their official website a whopping of 215 songs for direct download, The Twin Peaks Archive, with demos, unreleased songs unused, and alternative versions.

The music is best understood by watching the scenes, and the scenes are best understood by listening to the music, both go together hand in hand without separating in the least. Overwhelming music, playing with images and the story to make this something more melancholy at times, or something darker and more disturbing when the time comes, as the mysterious and bombastic sax. All this in a scenario where things are not what they seem.

One of the best soundtracks in the history of film and tv, and possibly the best soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalameti, even ahead of the also acclaimed The Straight Story and Mulholland Drive, among others.

Track Listing:

  1. Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)     5:10
  2. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Instrumental)     4:52
  3. Audrey’s Dance (Instrumental)     5:17
  4. The Nightingale (Voz Julie Cruise)     4:56
  5. Freshly Squeezed (Instrumental)         3:48
  6. The Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental)     3:29
  1. Into the Night (Voz Julie Cruise)     4:44
  2. Night Life in Twin Peaks (Instrumental)     3:27
  3. Dance of the Dream Man (Instrumental)     3:41
  4. Love Theme from Twin Peaks (Instrumental)     5:04
  5. Falling (Voz Julie Cruise)     5:20
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