Tony Scott: Beat the Devil

Many years ago James Brown sold his soul to the devil for fame and money, but now there is something he was not expecting, something about what he does not agree, so now the musician is heading the devil to ask for explanations, and renegotiate his contract…


Beat the Devil is the eighth and last short belonging to the series of eight short films The Hire, split into two seasons and recorded for BMW Films (yes, the car brand, in fact BMW Films was created ad hoc). Short films were produced for the Internet between 2001 and 2002, recorded using the “Branded Content” formula (its main feature is the mix of advertising and entertainment), with the participation of many popular directors from around the world.

Actor Clive Owen appears in each of the eight short films as the “Driver.”

James Brown (R.I.P.): Himself.

Clive Owen: Driver.

Gary Oldman: Devil

Danny Trejo: Bob.

Tony Wilson: Young James Brown.

Directed by Tony Scott (R.I.P.). Music by British composer Harry Gregson-Williams. Director of photography Paul Cameron. 9 min. USA 2002.

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