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Pelo Mono: Interview with Pedro de Dios

B.C. We already asked Antonio (Pelomono) but, tell us your version about where, when and how Pelo Mono started, since as he told us, all started at your home…

P.D.  It started because of some masks I had at home, a gorilla’s one and another one that it doesn’t really know what it is, a kind of green wrestler with a lot of hair, that and the Antonio’s pseudonym, which is Pelomono. I thought to myself “how I’d like to see a two guys band playing with these masks!” and that’s the way it was…

B.C. And that’s it so … (laughs). What music practices Pelo Mono?

P.D. Instrumental jungle music, slight dance and any genre as long as it has something of hominid, surf, country, swing, rock and roll, paso doble, mambo…

B.C. What is the difference between Guadalupe Plata and Pelo Mono?

P.D. Guadalupe Plata is Swamp Blues while Pelo Mono is a band, as I said above, purely Instrumental Jungle, etc…

B.C. How was the recording of the EP last Christmas?

P.D. We saw an ad about a sound technician who records rehearsals, we called it and Holguer (Guirisberguer) appeared, a German guy with a mobile studio on wheels, a van that looked more like a ghost train carriage. He placed mics into the rehearsal studio and it was recorded from the van. We made it live in a couple of mornings.

B.C. And as for your brand new released first album, how was the experience with Happy Place and the recording?

P.D. Very good things, both the recording as the experience with Happy Place occurred in total understanding. Let’s say we felt at home and we have also got some good friends. The album was recorded in three days, live, and some dead take for some percussion. We hadn’t any exactly idea about we wanted to do, so we left a good part of the album to the “gitaneo”, to the “we’ll see what happens”, and the truth is that we’re very happy with the result.

B.C. The tracks on the EP were re-recorded for the LP, happy with the new result?

P.D. Yes, although we really liked the previous recording, it was a cool experience recording with Holger and his truck-recorder. We couldn’t resist re-record it with an equipment and an experience that at that time we hadn’t, and the result is really fucking great.

B.C. A cover version of Los Mirlos (Sonido amazónico), very appropriate, another one of Badalamenti-Lynch (Pink Room), in addition to some other cover versions.

P.D. I find the Badalamenti‘s music as something monumental, as well as Morricone and Mancini music’s. I wanted to play something like that since a long time. It’s something more than a cover version, as there are parts that don’t belong to the original song and are purely Pelo Mono, but with a Badalamenti’s base. About Los Mirlos, it was quite a discovery, that whole Psychedelic Cumbia sound is to go crazy; like the Pink Room one, it’s not only a cover version but we tried to bring it round to our point of view, giving it another perspective.

Pelo MonosWe also have a Magic Sam‘s song called “Parece bueno” (Lookin’ Good), and a tribute to Charles Mingus (Mingus). There is also a song by Migue, aka “El Castaño”, as “Apertura de ataúd en Re menor“, that it’s brilliant. We decided to include this song the night we finished recording. We were at a friend’s house, and Migue played “Apertura de ataúd” when it still had no name, and the next day we recorded it.

B.C. What instruments and non-instruments did you use?

P.D. A Squire Jazzmaster, echo, loop station, overdrive and tremolo pedals, a Stylophone, a drum kit made of a suitcase as bass drum, a trash bucket as a small drum, maracas, snare drum, hi-hat and ride; we also got a Farfisa organ for the song I just said before, composed and played with skill by “El Castaño”.

B.C. Beatriz Sanchez, in addition to Mikolaj Kownacki, has been responsible for the design of the album, plus making the video for the first single. Is she already a “permanent” for both Pelo Mono as Guadalupe Plata?

P.D. Her understanding of the arts plus her good musical taste is very similar to mine. I think Beatrice is perfect for both bands; she’s rowdy and swampy as well as she’s a real star. I met Mikolaj this year and he’s amazing. Quite a find, I recommend you all to have a look at both websites, both of Beatrice as Mikolaj.

B.C. You don’t invent anything new but nevertheless it sounds like something completely new, what is your appraisal about it?

P.D. I don’t know… perhaps the fact of being limited and changing timbres of a drum to another much more scrap and not to have mince words when it comes to do anything, have influence to get certain character.

B.C. Let’s go talk about guitars. You’re not a one-guitar man; despite you only use one guitar at concerts. When you tend to change your guitar, do you feel like it’s time to change it or you just try guitars from time to time and when you hit the nail on the head you change it without any respect to your current guitar?

P.D. Rather the latter, I’m not a one-guitar man but I have my weakness for some guitars. I like to try different models, they provide timbres and possibilities that others don’t have and when I find something…

B.C. Do you use always the same guitar independently you play with Guadalupe Plata or Pelo Mono?

P.D. If I’m comfortable with a guitar I use it for everything I do, although for Pelo Mono I tend to use the Jazzmaster or a Galantic, which is similar, because the tremolo and the amount of different noises you can get from those guitars.

B.C. Do you retain any guitar/s or do you get rid of them when you change it?

P.D. Normally I get rid of them, I don’t like having guitars unused, although there are some exceptions as an old Harmony sound box, I’ll be with that one till death do us part…

B.C. Now you are using a Silvertone, a 60’s model if I remember rightly, how is it going?

P.D. Wonderful, is one of those guitars that were sold at the time as an economic model for a first guitar, it looks like a toy … It’s like it’s tailored for me, it’s comfortable and has a really good feedback, for now I’ll use it as my first guitar.

B.C. From what we have seen, have you ever tried, or at least have you thought, in make your own guitar?

P.D. Yes, but the price shoots up and I rather prefer it to be already made.

B.C. What do you use to play live?

P.D. It depends, when I’m with Guadalupe (Plata) I like to use the minimum, overdrive pedal, tube screamer or similar and sometimes some reverb from the amplifier. For Pelo Mono things change. An echo, carbon copy, tremolo and overdrive pedals, a loop station, a stylophone and a R2-D2 toy from which I get robot sounds.

Pelo Mono

B.C. Talking about other things, how do you see the current musical scene?

P.D. I don’t like the most of the things I hear on the street, I could tell you that some things give me the creeps but in reverse, but then there are a large number of people and bands that bet on other sounds that may not be so exposed and I like more.

B.C. Do you see now that people actually become interested in Blues, Surf, R’n’R, etc., thanks to people like you, or it could be a fad?

I think there’s always been bands that have done this kind of music, maybe now there are more information and more people who become interested in, though it is clear there will be those who take it as a trend, now this, tomorrow that, and the day after tomorrow who knows

B.C. How do you manage to be everywhere, you have to “sacrifice” your time with one band in favour of the other bands or are they compatible?

P.D. I’ve always had various bands, it’s possible and compatible, the key is to organize the almanac.

B.C. Do you have any new project, or at least in mind?

P.D. It can be…

B.C. Okay, I won’t ask more about it … maybe in private (laughs). What is going to find those who will be going to see Pelo Mono in concert?

P.D.  They’ll find a real pelomonada, with their hairs, with their apes, and with more roll than rock. A furry and unique ensemble in its kind.

B.C. How do you see people’s reaction when they see on stage a guy with a gorilla head and another with a weird green mask?

P.D. I don’t know what happens by the right side because the size of the mask eyes, I can’t see very well what happens, I have to make some adjustments to the mask, but I have to say that kids love it (laughs).

B.C. So the green mask…

P.D. I’m still not clear about…

B.C. Do you see possible a collaboration between Walter Daniels & Pelo Mono?

P.D. Perfectly, Walter Daniels belongs to our family.

B.C. What do you think about your partner? Bear in mind that he was asked about you as well…

P.D. I think he’s a good person, noble and chivalrous.

B.C. Well, finally, if you want you can direct the public or say what you want.

P.D. A greeting to all readers and I wish a happy communion to all the children of the world.

You already can listen to and download the new brand first Pelo Mono album on Bandcamp, or get your vinyl copy on Happy Place Records website.

And here is the video made by Beatriz Sánchez for the first single, WAAAAGHT!

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