Inside - Trevor Sands

Trevor Sands: Inside

Inside is a story about a man with multiple personalities whose discharge from the psychiatric where is confined is in his hands since his case is up for review.

To that end, he will strive to organize and control the different personalities inhabiting in his mind, and like that demonstrate that he is fine and everything is in order and calm inside himself.

Trevor Sands - Inside 2002

Honorable Mention at 2014 Speechless Film Festival, Mankato, Minnesota.

Trevor Sands’s last movie E.T.X.R. was released on March 2014.

Inside, 2002, USA. 5 min. English with Spanish subtitles.

Written by Eric “giz” Gewirtz and Trevor Sandsand. Directed by Trevor Sands. Cinematography by Eric Haase. Music by Jeffery Alan Jones. Starring: Jeremy Sisto, Reedy Gibbs, Michael Bailey Smith, Alexandra Brandl, Michael Cornacchia, Megahn Perry, Evan Helmuth, Tom Griffiths, Matt Nolan, Ric Sarabia, Tim Duquette.

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One Comment

  1. Mr sands. My name is Yv and i’m musician (from Paris – France); I wanted to join you to demand you the permission to use your movie “Inside” for one of my song (“Les ombres dansent” – “Shadows are dancing”). This is not for commercial use, its just an unprofessional project but however, i will like to load my song on youtube.

    I thank you already for your agreement.



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