Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan announces new album including covers of Frank Sinatra for 2015

Bob Dylan - Shadows in the NightAlthough it might seem a bit odd at first, for those who have no knowledge about it, it seems that forthcoming 2015 Bob Dylan will release an album that will contain, or will be of, covers of Frank Sinatra. That was suggested last May when a poster (see on the right) and a cover of Full Moon and Empty Arms recorded by Sinatra in 1945, appeared on Dylan’s official website, and in that way it has been asserted by some US media.

Full Moon and Empty Arms was actually written by songwriter Buddy Kaye and composer Ted Mossman based in Piano Concert Nº 2 in C minor by Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1901; and to date has been covered many times, by Eddie Fisher or Sarah Vaughan for example, though Sinatra’s cover remains the most known.

Listen to Full Moon and Empty Arms here.

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