Elefante, 2011 - Pablo Larcuen

Pablo Larcuen: Elephant (2011)

The same as Franz Kafka woke up one day transformed into an insect, Manuel will transform one day into an elephant.

Manuel (Xavier Ortiz), who has a routine and boring life, has no friends, hates his job and despite having a family is as if he has not, will be diagnosed, to top it all, a strange disease of which only a couple of cases are known but whose diagnosis is simple, those affected are transformed into an elephant.

Constantino Romero (May 29, 1947 – May 12, 2013) is the doctor in charge of giving him the news to the unfortunate character. This was the last performance of Clint Eastwood’s Spanish voice before died.

Second short film by Catalan filmmaker Pablo Larcuen (Barcelona, Spain, 1987), who two years later released his first movie Hooked Up (2013), the first film shot entirely with an iPhone.

Pablo Larcuen

Elefante was his graduation film from ESCAC (The Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia), which was awarded for Best Short Film at the Sitges Film Festival.

Elephant (Elefante), 2011, 9 min, Spain. Fiction. OV Spanish with English subtitles. Written and directed by Pablo Larcuen. Produced by Andrea Puig and Aritz Cirbián Casado. Cinematographer Daniel Fernández Abelló. Starring Marc Montserrat, Xavier Ortiz. Alexandre Novell, Ann M. Perelló, Cristina Rodríguez and Constantino Romero.

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