Bo Weavil Jackson_Cover

Tuesday August 6th, 2013
by Blind Carre

Bo Weavil Jackson

Bo Weavil Jackson Bo Weavil Jackson was an African American blues guitarist and singer, one of the first to record, back in 1926. If, as we always say, there are many bluesmen about which little is known about their lifes, though fortunately there are, depending on the case, even many recordings, the case
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Papa Charlie Jackson - Paramount

Monday July 15th, 2013
by Blind Carre

Papa Charlie Jackson

Papa Charlie Jackson Papa Charlie Jackson, born William Henry Jacskson (1885 – 1938), was one of the pioneers and most influential blues musicians. Unfortunately we cannot say much about him, as his life is hardly known. Supposedly born in 1885 or 1887, in New Orleans and died in Chicago in 1938, or who
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